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Flora Falls.

I moved to Berlin in 2019 with a new found drive to collaborate with others. I very quickly met and started co-writing songs with Australian Brea Robertson. Finding a natural blend in our voices and writing styles Flora Falls has become one of my main projects over the last couple years, touring extensively across Germany and Switzerland and releasing our debut EP 'Ankle Deep' in November of 2021.


Our follow up EP 'Hidden From You' is slated to be released in April of 2023 with the first two lead singles 'Escape' and 'Winter' already available wherever you find your music. 

Flora_Falls-39 Photo by Petra Valdimarsdóttir_edited.png

Folk Road Show.

Comprised of two Canadians (Dicky Neptune and myself), and Australian (Ben Caldwell) and a dutchman (Olaf Caarls) the Folk Road Show was a singer-songwriter collective that crashed into itself and formed in 2014. Borrowing the stylings of Crosby Stills and Nash and the Band, we're a group focussed on huge vocal harmony and songwriting and story telling with guts.

After a dozen tours across Canada and Europe and a 3 year hiatus, the Folk Road Show is rumoured to be planning a reunion for the summer of 2023. More to come...

 DJ Collaborations.

For some years now I've been lending my voice to songs of the electronic and dance persuasion. Rendered unable to play live in 2020, I threw myself into the 'topline' game  and have since collaborated with various producers including Stimming, Sascha Braemer, itsLee and Skala. 

*if you are a producer/DJ interested having me sing on a track please smash that contact button below 

"People Pleaser" feat. OKTOBER

My latest collaboration with Berlin artist OKTOBER. 

New 'Flora Falls' EP on the way

The project that I've been most busy with playing live and recording since 2020 is currently trickling out our second EP "Hidden From You". Here's our latest effort "Space Between Us". 

A selection of my work 
from the projects I've had
the pleasure of working with



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